I originally created this website with a promise to no one in particular, that it would be a hub of my creative mind that has no filter, and will be a collage of stuff that I do. I feel like I have not fulfilled that promise at all.

I consider myself a fairly creative person, and I do have a steady stream of ideas. I should visualize them and see what happens, right? The thing I love about art is that it can be anything, and whenever I have ideas, I never try to lock down exactly what medium I want it to be in until I dig deeper into the story, and figure out what the best medium would be, if it even has a story at all.

That's the beauty of creativity. Sometimes, it just is.

I am 28 years old, and I feel that I've been in school for more than half of my life (which is true), and while I may have certainly learned a lot from school, it has given me structure, which is good and bad when it comes to creative work. Although it has helped with my discipline, it has hindered my creativity in that I sometimes think in terms of beats, log line, arc, etc. etc.

I want to free my mind and just let me subconscious speak to me, and let that marinade into a juicy, creamy and rich au ju sauce.