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I am Andy Chinn, cinematographer born and raised, and based out of Los Angeles, CA. I believe in the power of storytelling and I am always pushing to best represent the tone and feeling of every project that I work on. I have grown up and lived around many diverse neighborhoods and people, and I bring all of that experience into everything that I do.

My approach to cinematography comes from an emotional and human point of view versus purely technical. I use the tech as tools to guide my vision and intent instead of it being my primary focus. I also love to collaborate with amazing creative people, but I can also be self sufficient and a self starter depending on the needs of the shoot.

Most of my work is in narrative shorts/features, music videos, new media promos, and documentaries. My favorite projects to work on are those that are not only entertaining, but also thought provoking and moving. I am always honing my craft, and I will always be looking forward to what's next!

Jason Mraz - Pancakes & Butter (Official Music Video)

Jason Mraz - Pancakes & Butter (Official Music Video)

Listen to my new single "Pancakes & Butter": Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride out now! 🎢✨ Listen/Order now: Sign up for the Newsletter to receive updates from Jason: Follow Jason Mraz Written by Jason Mraz, Chaska Potter, Molly Miller, Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Mona Tavakoli Produced by Martin Terefe Engineered by Oliver Liu Mixed by Tony Maserati Mastered by Chris Gehringer Recorded at Kensaltown East (New York, NY), Eastcote Studios (London, UK), Sienna Studios (Nashville, TN), and The Mranch (Oceanside, CA) Jason Mraz – Vocals, Guitars, Synth Solo Mona Tavakoli – Percussion Becky Gebhardt – Bass Mai Bloomfield – Cello, String Arranger Glen Scott – Electric Piano Sterling Campbell – Drums David Davidson – Violin, String Arranger Dave Angell – Violin Kristin Wilkinson – Viola Carole Rabinowitz – Cello Lyrics: I don’t want just anybody I don’t want just anyone I want you to lie beside me I’ll wait for you to come I’ll be your GGG I’m game and I’m good at giving generously If you need fire, I am your match If you got an itch, I’ll be your scratch Whatever you want I want for you Feels like lightning and thunder Just like pancakes and butter We complement one another Like a full moon and a fantasy I’ll be your GGG I’m here to take orders and make it easy If you need love I got your back If you need lunch I got your snack Whatever you want I’ll grow for you Feels like lightning and thunder Just like pancakes and butter We complement one another Like a full moon and a fantasy Feels like lightning and thunder Just like biscuits and butter We complement one another Like a full moon and a fantasy I don’t want just anybody I’ll wait for you Director: Jaime Valdueza Choreographer / Movement Coach: Dana Wilson Production Company: Vilas Entertainment Executive Producer: Daniel Livschutz Producer: Lola Ridgell 1st Asst. Director: Anthony Hayward 2nd Asst. Director: Juan Pabli Gonzalez CAST Weatherman: Billy Galewood Sound Engineer #1: Kevin Bohleber Sound Engineer #2: Damarion Derrion Host: Darrel Haynes Guest: Casey Carroll Husband: Mike Hartsfield Wife: Amy Dilinger Cameraman: David Simanek Fans: Chok Suwanavisootr, Elizabeth Stanmoen, Jack Edwards, Rachel Jonte, Jerry Lindahl, Shawna Orlowski, Nicholas Scheppard, Natasha Tavakoli Ouellette, Jenson Titus, Ben Varela, Ellie Varela, Luke Flip Cinematographer: Andy Chinn 1st Asst. Camera: Sai Tun 2nd Asst. Camera: Paulina Zamorano Gaffer: Chris Walters Key Grip: Nick Sogard BBE: Aidan Hopgood Swing: Bryan Moreno Production Designers: Maya Sasoon & Simone Mascovitch Art Director: Chris Rivas Set Dresser: Sierra Fotouhi Costume Designer: Bethany Bankston Weather Graphic Design: Ryan Dilmore BTS Photographer: Jen Rosenstein BTS Videographer: Sonny Alvarez Jason & Band Stylist: Benjamin Holtrop Asst. Stylist: Emily Johnson Band’s Makeup: Alexa Jarred Cast’s Makeup: Tilomai Hill Jason’s Hair: Rachel Burney Band’s Hair: Corey Powell Asst. Hair: Travisean Haynes PAs: Tyler Simms, Juan Cruz, Edgar Cortes Artist Management: Philly Brentnall Artist Production Director: Ettore Dedivitiis BMG Marketing: Cyndi Lynott BMG Digital Marketing: Mikaela Andrade Video Commissioner: Taylor Bringuel Label: BMG #JasonMraz #PancakesandButter #MMRRR
Pierce The Veil - Pass The Nirvana (Official Music Video)

Pierce The Veil - Pass The Nirvana (Official Music Video)

Pierce The Veil - “Pass The Nirvana” Listen/Download the single: Listen to "Pass The Nirvana" Apple Music: Amazon: Spotify: Pandora: Bandcamp: Stay connected with Pierce The Veil Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: TikTok: -- LYRICS Sink until you’re unimpaired Slow motion like a rolling eye We can hear you loud and clear Suicide season is upon and high Why are you always saying, “Let the good times roll?” Kick your mind open like a punk rock show Uppercut bleeding through the soffit nose If you didn’t come home injured would you say it was a good show? Cause every single fucking day I try to roll my eyes and breathe One hit, now I’m off this shit Give up, Give up I can’t hear you Through the tension right now This is only a distraction Swing, batter up let’s play Power until the target bleeds This gun would never turn on me So, Paul Meany will you drop that beat Why are you always saying, “Let that shit go?” Pennywise fashion on a sad skid row A gentrified neighborhood of blood soaked homes Draw the lines a little further now we’re coming back to get you I can’t shine to save my life But I’ll feel through the dark without you I set fires ablaze inside And stepped into the light to blind you #PIERCETHEVEIL #PASSTHENIRVANA
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